Hi everyone!!!

Hope you rested yesterday!!

Just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you all for being the MOST SENSATIONAL CATERING TEAM I’ve worked with. EVER!!!!!!!

From the first meeting with unsure clients, the numerous menus, meetings, suggestions & revisions; and of course the setup, execution and delivery of an event, you guys are AWESOME!!

You are all patient, thoughtful, cooperative, innovative, adventurous, modern & avant’ gard! (and you tolerate & trust my kooky ideas so politely:)

Best of all, you are all so delightful to bounce ideas & simply chat to!!!

Thank you for making yourselves so available so often, for opening your “Aladdin’s Cave” warehouse to stylists like me to ensure our client’s vision can be realised and going over and above what is expected of “customer service” to create spectacular events that not only look & taste amazing, but are memorable for the way they are executed “back of house”.

Lazer, Shosh, Yachet, Yittel, Geraldine, Yael – I’ve worked with numerous non-kosher “society” caterers and honestly, they can learn from you!

Karen, Mark & Kivi were ecstatic with everything on Shabbat & Sunday night. Thank you for helping to create the happy mood as well as the sensational food!

Thanks to you all, it has been a happy, easy gastronomic journey for them. Kivi’s barmy will be remembered as much for the ease with which it was organised as for the spectacular evening it turned out to be!!

Lazer, Shosh, I know just how much effort – & pride you take in the events you do. You deserve the praise.

So thank you!! Job extremely well done!!!

Yvonne Korbl

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