Corporate and professional life is full of milestones. New business deals, store openings, mergers, retirements, and end-of-year break ups – all mark important development and should be celebrated as such. No celebration would be complete without an accompanying feast.

Treat your staff and clients to the best Kosher dining experience with catering from Kosher Classique. We provide a full range of catering options from hors d’oeuvres through to desserts, with our speciality being large corporate meals. Whether hosted at a function centre or your own offices, we can transform the area with a feast for the eyes, nose, and mouth.

We can provide everything needed to present and consume the food from linen to cutlery. We’re always happy to assist with other aspects of the event and, having built many relationships over our 20 years in the business, we can recommend the best suppliers. Our professional staff ensure you and your guests’ satisfaction is the foremost priority.

Call us today to discuss your catering needs. We will create a menu especially for your event.